Art is firmly ensconced in the syllabus of the Zambian Education Department but the dearth of teachers means that art is often not taught in far-flung rural communities. 

This is why Pam Guhrs Carr has been intimately involved in the life of her local communities. Her eight-module art workshop - held in conjunction with Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust – uses art to teach disadvantaged local village children aged between ten and seventeen to see wildlife clearly as part of the economic and aesthetic future of their communities, and to give them new perspectives on the ancient conflict between Humankind and Nature. 

The stART Foundation – another of Pam’s passions -  is dedicated to seeking out and cultivating creative and artistic talent in young Zambians. Pam is the stART coordinator for Zambia’s Eastern Province. She uses experiential techniques to nurture talented youngsters and teach them to trust their visual ability, and to realise their visions in line, colour and three dimensional expressions using recycled material to create masks.

(Photo: Lucy Read)